Binary Options: Do’s and Dont’s

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day-tradingWhen doing it right Binary Option trading can be very profitable and is very easy. There is no need to study the market extensively – even if the underlying asset moves just by a fraction of a pip. You’ll need to find a good broker to start trading. The best brokers offer payouts from 70% to 81%. Another benefit of Binary Option trading is that it can be done from the comfort of one’s home.

Trading Binary Options is very easy. First you’ll need to select an asset. Assets can vary from stocks, commodities, indices and forex. Popular choices are gold and oil. The second step is to select a time frame. You decide on the length of the particular trade. It can range from 60 seconds up to a few months. Yes, you are in control. The third and final step is the most important. This is where you decide whether the particular asset you are trading will be up (Call) or down (Putt) from the entry point of the trade. These decisions should be educated and informed, based on market trends. The potential payout will be clearly displayed on the platform.

A good platform (yes, not all platforms are the same) must be user-friendly, easy to navigate and all the necessary information clearly displayed. The best brokers provide market analysis, different trading accounts (beginner to professional), customer support, reviews and advice.

We here at Gutcam Holdings highly recommend Boss Capital. They offer a Trading Academy, 100+ assets (including currencies, indices, commodities and stocks), 85% profit on short term trades (one of the highest in the market), free e-book, live webinars, video tutorials, 24/7 customer support, exclusive sign-up bonuses and very impressive conversions.