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day-trading Trade360 was founded in 2013. They are headquarted in Cyprus. Trade360’s motto is “Crowd wisdom meets trading.” It enables traders to monitor market-related movements as well as that of large groups of traders via their live feeds. This enables traders to open their own positions.

As an EU broker Trade360 is regulated. The governing body is CySec. This means that they are governed by authorities and have to comply with regulations and principles.

Trade360 offer a $50 bonus for opening an account (no deposit required) and verifying it. Apart from this bonus they also have a cashback programme. This means that the more a person trades, the more cash he receives.

Their trading platform is called ParagonEX. It is very user-friendly. Trades can either be made on web-based devices or mobile devices. In order to start trading $100 is needed.

As a Trade360 client a person can expect to receive both email and mobile alerts. Clients can also contact them via email.

Trade360 has a very successful affiliate programme. A CPA can be as high as $650. Being a social trading broker makes it easy to promote. Click here to open an affiliate programme.