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Profit from market movements.

Read More has three affiliate options.

The first is the Revenue Share option. It is a tiered structure and affiliates earn higher commisions as they advance through the different tiers. At the lowest tier affiliates earn a cimmission rate of 20%. At level 4, which is the highest, affiliates earn

The second model is the Turnover. This is based on the pay-out probability of each contract. The higher the probability of returns the lower the commission.

The third option is limited to European affiliates. It is the CPA (Cost Per Aquisition). In this model affiliates earn $100 for each referral. The referral has to depsosit money into a real account of $100 or more. The deposit can either be one-time or accumaltive.

There are a number of reasons why an affiliate account should be opened with They offer generous commissions, have a high conversion rate, payments are on-time, there are no hidden fees, the partnership is customer-centric based, they offer multiple income opportunities, the referral tools are advanced, international support and multilingual platforms are available.

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Day trading carries a risk of capital loss.